Publisher: New Insights Press

Indie Excellence Book Awards: Finalist – Relationships
Best Book Awards: Finalist – Women’s Issues/Studies

A Fun Guide to Keep the Sun Shining in Your Relationship
No matter how long you’ve been married or together with your partner, here is the secret formula to guarantee yourselves a lasting, passionate relationship: Women are superior to men. Once you both understand this universal truth, all the elements of a joyful, loving relationship will fall into place. Your marriage will have less conflict, your sex life will improve, and raising your children will become much easier.
Ricky Arenson, M.D., an experienced Endocrinologist and husband, explains with science, psychology, and humour why women are superior to men and why it’s worthwhile for husbands to admit this. His perceptive view makes this book an entertaining and comprehensive guide to assist partners to better navigate the ups and downs of love, sexuality, marital conflict, and gender differences. The chapters cover the wide universe of issues that couples often experience as problematic as they seek to live together for decades in close partnership. You’ll learn how to respect each other’s strengths, work as a team, solve disputes, divvy up the chores, keep sex alive, and so much more!
This is a warm, relevant book that will make wives feel acknowledged and appreciated while helping husbands laugh at their failings and inadequacies. Read it separately or together—and see how your relationship will gain in strength and love.

Women Are Superior to Men