Let me clarify, we are not a traditional publishing company that pays authors an advance or royalties.

Precocity Press is an independent publishing company where the author pays upfront for all editing, design and marketing services. The author then keeps 100% of the revenues earned.

Our editorial team is dedicated to delivering quality service and content. With our diverse expertise, we carefully curate books to provide valuable and engaging insights for authors, ensuring enjoyable and informative publishing experiences with every book.

Whether you have completed a first draft or are at the initial stage of developing a great idea for a book, our editorial coaching services are tailored to provide personalized support, guiding you through the entire process, from conceptualization to the development and completion.

Our consulting services provide quick answers to critical questions. There is no shortage of information and online advice about the publishing world. Sorting through it alone can be paralyzing. No two projects are alike. Save yourself time and headaches by talking to an expert one-on-one about your specific goals and issues. 

We are experts in creating breathtakingly beautiful, poignantly powerful, and unquestionably unique book covers, involving you every step of the way through our thoughtful multi-round process. Key elements like the title, imagery, text clarity, color choice, and book dimensions are meticulously considered to ensure your book gets the professional cover it deserves, making it clear, accessible, and attractive to potential buyers.

The value of marketing your book cannot be underestimated. Marketing is essential to increasing your book’s visibility and promoting it to a wider audience. We are well-versed in a variety of marketing strategies and can collaborate with you to develop an effective marketing plan for your book.