Publisher: Precocity Press

“From start to finish, Susan was highly professional and a joy to work with. She helped us with the design, co-edited the manuscript with her editor.”

The Secret to Loving Yourself is a wonderful, refined companion on the inner journey from shame to healthy self-esteem. Its affirmations and meditations will systematically work to quiet the inner critic and rewire a healthy inner relationship that is nurturing, grounding, empowering and inspiring. A wonderful resource for leaders exploring self-leadership and expanding their own emotional intelligence and relational skill. —Amy Elizabeth Fox, CEO, Mobius Executive Leadership

Let Go of Old Patterns that No Longer Serve You

In our 35 years of work as body-mind psychotherapists and teachers, our clients and students often say that we provided the “missing link” in their search for healing. Now we want to share this secret with you.

These profound little messages will empower you to take charge of your own healing. The simple, life-changing tools and practices in this book will help you replace negative patterns with resonant and harmonic messages of self-love.

• As you create new ways of relating to yourself you will:
• Learn how your earliest relationships shape who you are today.
• Discover why old emotional injuries keep resurfacing.
• Build a deeper connection and increased intimacy with yourself.
• Utilize the power of breath to balance your nervous system.
• Experience well-being as a palpable sense in your body.
• Develop greater resilience and authenticity.

Unlock the Secret to Loving Yourself and Transform Your Emotional Life Today!

Reading this book and taking it in can heal you in the deepest places where you didn’t receive the love you needed. After 35 years supporting clients through dark nights of the soul, Beth and Margie have extraordinary insight into the tender, vulnerable, often hidden shards of brokenness we carry with us throughout our lives. This book is an outpouring of love so immense it can reach you in those places where you ache for someone to hold you with unconditional embrace. Few of us have ever felt absolute security and wholeness inside of us. This is Beth and Margie’s heart felt blessing for us: to re-discover our birthrights as perfect beings of light and to find our way home. —Erica Ariel Fox, New York Times bestselling author of Winning From Within: A Breakthrough Method for Leading, Living, and Lasting Chang

The Secret To Loving Yourself