It is often said that the eyes are the “window to the soul.” In the same way, a good book cover can reflect the soul of a book. We are told not to judge a book by its cover, but in reality we do exactly that. Indeed, a cover is an author’s most important marketing tool. Why not harness this power?

A book cover is the one element that catches the most attention of potential readers and can leave a lasting visual impact. Don’t risk putting this important first impression in the hands of a generic template or unprofessional design. You’ll want your cover to attract readers like a magnet, drawing in their eye and piquing their curiosity to buy your book.

We are experts in creating breathtakingly beautiful, poignantly powerful, and unquestionably unique book covers. We involve you every step of the way in our thoughtful multi-round process:

  • Round 1: You choose a design that best reflects your book from an initial presentation that includes between two and four potential covers.
  • Round 2: We refine your initial design choice
  • Final Cover: With your input, we finalize the chosen cover design

There are specific points to a cover that attracts the most attention. Title, choice of imagery, clarity of the text, color choice, and the dimensions of the book are among the top five. Your title should not only represent your book’s contents, but it should be clear and accessible to the potential buyer. Writing your book has no doubt been a labor of love. It’s important to give your work the professional cover it deserves.