Publisher: ‎ECLF, Incorporated

In 2005, a group of major global corporations launched an international dialogue platform to jointly explore how to foster agility and develop sustaining strategic and organizational capabilities for fast changing environments. Transformers is the result of 10 years of these conversations. It combines contributions from renowned thought leaders with perspectives and experiences from dozens of global corporations, among them GE, L’Oreal, Ericsson, Fiat-Chrysler, Cisco, Allianz, Airbus, Siemens, Santander, UBS and many more – close to 100 summaries of speeches, discussions, case studies, and research results, including a synthesis of insights from a Silicon Valley visit that 20 members of the Forum undertook in 2011.

Browsing through Transformers is an inspiring experience – not only because of its rich and diverse content, but also because of its unique creative design. The book will appeal to everybody interested in the development dynamics of large organizations; it is especially valuable for senior executives, managers, and consultants whose practices focus on strategy, organization, leadership, change management, and strategic innovation.