Publisher:‎ New Insight Press

“Working with Susan was an extraordinary experience—and I have worked with her three times. Susan’s expertise in helping authors develop a rough first draft manuscript into an award-winning book was evident right from our first meeting. Her exceptional design work went far beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Susan to any writer with a dream to publish a book.”

USA Best News Award: Winner – Business – Personal Finance/Investing
New York Book Festival: Honorable Mention – Business
Beverly Hills Book Awards: Finalist – Business General
Gold Ink Award: Pewter Prize
Living Now Book Award: Gold: Social Activism / Charity
Next Generation Indie Book Awards®: Winner – Finance/Investment

“The Sustainable Endowment” is written for executives and board members of small- to mid-size U.S.-based nonprofits, charities, or foundations. Running a nonprofit requires specialized knowledge and skills, especially regarding foundation management and investing your endowment so it remains sustainable for years to come. This book walks you through the basics and best practices of what you need to know to be successful.

The book is organized around 10 principles that provide comprehensive explanations and advice on the major issues that challenge nonprofits:
Principle 1. Setting Up the Right Foundation Management.
Principle 2. Create Responsible Finance and Investment Committees.
Principle 3. Draft a Clear Spending Policy and a Sound Investment Policy Statement.
Principle 4. Understand Global Market Volatility and How It Affects Nonprofit Investing.
Principle 5. Determine the “Right” Investment Rate of Return for Your Foundation.
Principle 6. Marry Your Foundation’s Asset Allocation and Spending Policy.
Principle 7. Stay Ahead of the Market Curve.Principle
Principle 8. Fine-Tune Your Asset Allocation to Maximize Returns.
Principle 9. How to Select Individual Stocks and Use Stop Loss Orders.
Principle 10. Keep It Running Smoothly.

Whatever your level of experience in running a nonprofit, “The Sustainable Endowment” will enhance your knowledge and give you confidence in working with a financial professional to invest your funds and make them last for decades.