Publisher: Precocity Press

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Indie Excellence Book Awards: Winner Business – Motivational
USA Best News Award: Finalist  Business – Personal Finance/Investing
New York Book Festival: Honorable Mention – Business
Next Generation Indie Book Awards®:  Finalist – Business


Are your investments creating the wealth you desire, or are the ups and downs of an unpredictable market eating away at your earnings (and even your principal), while raising your stress level to the roof? Do you understand the world of investing well enough to know how to generate steadily reliable returns that enable you to have financial independence and a comfortable retirement?

The Journey to Wealth describes how you can create real wealth for yourself and your family using a strategy that works in today’s volatile, globalized financial world. Wealth manager James Demmert walks you through a proven investment strategy that increasingly builds returns without succumbing to catastrophic market crashes.

The Journey to Wealth is newly revised and contains new information on historical market returns up to 2020, comparisons of the best market sectors to invest in, the best strategy between holding or selling in a declining bear market, whether to invest in cryptocurrency, and the risks of bonds and ETF bond funds, and more.

Traditional Wall Street wisdom that follows modern portfolio theory of diversification with a “buy-and-hold” mindset is no longer effective in today’s highly chaotic, fast-paced markets. You cannot simply “set it and forget it” when buying stocks, hoping that the long-term market fluctuations will even out in your favor. Nor can you find safety using mutual funds, index funds, and other managed assets whose fees eat away at your returns while carrying the same market risks as stocks and no ways to limit losses such as stop loss orders.

This approach is why most investors get just below-average results out of their portfolio. What it takes to grow wealth in today’s financial marketplace is a SMART philosophy of investing. You must understand the relationship between the business and market cycles; utilize stock sector investing timed to the cycles; and make use of valuable tools to mitigate the risks of unpredictable market declines. You must know how to identify winning stocks while avoiding those that are already past their prime; how not to pay too much for a stock; and most of all, how to ride the bull markets and get out early when a bear market approaches.

James E. Demmert developed the SMART philosophy of investing over thirty years of experience as a wealth manager. His process of investing combines a sound knowledge of stock market history, its economic cycles and patterns of peaks and troughs, and the role that investor psychology plays in investing. He shows you how to perform your own critical research and use numerous Active Risk Management tools that can protect every investor from the ugly math of steep losses.

No matter your level of experience, The Journey to Wealth teaches you to invest using a clear, easy-to-follow sequence of concepts. In a four-step process, you will learn how to identify your lifestyle goals for building immediate and long-term wealth, as well as how to invest according to your risk tolerance and needs. Straight-forward detailed explanations, charts and graphs, inspiring citations about wealth creation, and artwork will keep you reading, learning, and creating a SMART investment plan for your future.