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“I am grateful to my publisher Susan Shankin, Precocity Press. Thank you for believing in my book, your creative prowess and beautiful work, and your warmth and support. Thanks to Brenda Lange and Victoria Brock for your diligence in copy editing and proofreading.”

“The Secret World of Children” acts as a life preserver for parents in a sea of confusion

Children’s behavior can be baffling, terrifying, and utterly infuriating at times: from risky or rebellious behavior to explosive outbursts of rage. It’s easy for a parent to feel lost and hopeless about how to handle these situations. But fear not, for “The Secret World of Children” is here to guide you through the tumultuous journey of parenting.

In “The Secret World of Children,” Meri Wallace, LCSW reveals that nine hidden developmental issues cause your child’s challenging behaviors from infancy to adolescence: your child’s need for love, unquenchable curiosity, aggression, desire for independence, urgent wishes, impulsivity, limited concept of time, pursuit of pleasure, and fears and anxieties. You will learn effective tools to respond to these issues that will help you raise your children to feel loved.

With “The Secret World of Children” as your lifeline, you will finally navigate the stormy sea of parenting with confidence and clarity. Wallace’s invaluable advice empowers you to respond to your child’s behavior with love, patience, and understanding.

Discover the power of positive communication techniques that will transform your relationship with your child, replacing battles with harmony and love.

Drawing from her extensive knowledge and experience in the field, Wallace appears regularly on national television and radio programs and in podcasts. Meri Wallace writes a blog for “Psychology Today” with over 2 million viewers, is the author of “Birth Order Blues” and “Keys to Parenting Your Four-Year-Old” and has been a columnist for “Sesame Street Parents” and “New York Family Magazines,” making her a trusted, invaluable voice in parenting.

Don’t let fear and uncertainty control your parenting journey. Embrace “The Secret World of Children,” a book that promises to strengthen your bond with your child, empower you as a parent, and guide you in raising a child who feels truly loved.

The Secret World of Children