Outbound: Islands in the Void

By Richard M Anderson (Author), Tim Kummerow (Illustrator)

Publisher: Precocity Press

“I am especially thankful to Susan Shankin of Precocity Press for her skills in assembling a beautiful book and completing all necessary publishing details to bring the book to reality. I am most grateful for the team of experts she assembled to add their talents in all the ways necessary to produce my story in its best light.
Likewise, illustrator Tim Kummerow faithfully transformed my ideas into an exciting cover and engaging graphic expressions throughout the book. Based on written or verbal descriptions, and sometimes my own crude sketches, Tim’s artistic renderings reveal exactly what I imagined. His drawings help bring the story alive.
Julie Simpson’s role as copyeditor was executed with excellence. Beyond that, she grew to know my characters and helped me keep their actions and dialogue true to their being. Fictional characters exist to the extent they are believable. She made sure they seemed real. Her assistance was essential in the creation of the final transcript.
To Darcy Hughes for her marketing support and creative work on my website. I especially appreciate her help in developing interest in what I consider to be an important story.”

Imagine Our Future Now by Reading this Book!

It begins in the year 2248, as Earth emerges from the worst effects of climate disruption. Through dramatic events and complicated relationships, on Earth and in space, the question of human survival is asked, answered, and asked again. In these pages you will peek over the shoulders of engineers and scientists as they construct our future. The interweaving storylines and spine-tingling adventures illustrate the dangers and challenges of building and living on the Moon, on Mars, or in space islands. How might people thrive in places hostile to life?

As you join those wrestling with these problems on the lands and seas of Earth and the habitats in space, you will also share their loves, their losses, and their inspirations. Through this exciting vision of an imagined future you will gain insight into our present—and see Earth in a new light.

“Outbound: Islands in the Void” is a novel of future fiction, wherein the science is serious, and the story is seriously fun. Buckle up!

Outbound: Islands in the Void