Publisher: Precocity Press

This Is More than a Memoir. It’s a Cry to Awaken the Spirit Of Activism Within All of Us.

“Raising Hell for Jesus” chronicles the remarkable life of Rev. Fred Morris, a man who embodies the fiery intersection of faith and activism. From his formative years in the Dust Bowl of Oklahoma to his missionary work in Brazil amid political turmoil, Rev. Morris shares his journey of spiritual discovery, commitment to social justice, and encounters with the divine through acts of healing.

His story is not just of personal faith but of engaging with the world’s complexities, facing persecution for standing with the marginalized, and ultimately witnessing the transformative power of love and justice in action. Through countless trials, including his abduction and torture by the Brazilian military, to moments of profound spiritual awakening, Rev. Morris’s narrative offers a compelling testament to living a life rooted in an unshakable belief in the Gospel’s call to action.

Join Rev. Morris on his extraordinary journey and be inspired to raise a little hell of your own.

Raising Hell for Jesus