Publisher: New Insights Press

“Susan Shankin is brilliant and a joy to work with. As an art director, she aligned her vision and expertise with my book so that it came fully to life on the page. This was a complicated project: Susan worked with great diligence, passion and inspiration to seamlessly interweave images with the text. The synergy was magical and the book is truly beautiful. Even people who have read the manuscript are stunned by the richness of the book. I am so grateful to Susan for her genius and the love she pours into her work.”

USA Best News Award: Health – Psychology & Mental – Finalist
Nautilus Book Awards: Silver – Gift & Specialty
Living Now Book Award: Gold: Metaphysical/Exploring Consciousness
Next Generation Indie Book Awards: Gold – New Age

Pioneered over three decades by Lauren Z. Schneider, Tarotpy combines modern psychology – including family systems, hypnotherapy, and dreamwork – with Tarot, Dream Cards, Soul Cards and other symbolic imagery to lay the unconscious on the table. Image, the root of imagination, is the mother language of the unconscious which communicates by way of images and metaphors. Tarotpy is not fortune telling but instead, a powerful psycho-spiritual tool to access inner wisdom and stimulate the imagination for creative problem solving.

Like dream work, Tarotpy is a projective tool to open conversation, relax the rational mind and engage intuition. At the same time, there is evidence of an unconscious mastermind at play in the “random” selection of specific images. Tarotpy goes quickly to the heart of the matter where insights and shifts can happen, often spontaneously. Going beyond the “aha” of traditional therapy, this revolutionary method is an awe-inspiring experience.

Tarotpy – It’s All in the Cards teaches you to:

  • Tap into the wisdom of your unconscious
  • Use imagery for guidance and healing
  • Stimulate creative imagination for problem solving
  • Awaken through synchronicity to the interconnection of all things

Through colorful cases and inspirational stories, Tarotpy – It’s All in the Cards demonstrates step by step this powerful method which is both a practical psycho-spiritual tool and a pathway to mystical experiences. Whether you are a healing practitioner, tarot enthusiast or someone who knows nothing about tarot, this book guides you to utilize the Tarotpy method for clients and/or for your own contemplative practice.