Publisher: Precocity Press

Join the ranks of proud authors who have published with us!

If you have a book in you, Launch It! will motivate you to get it done. You will learn about every stage of book publishing and gain the confidence you need to fulfill your dream of being an author. Publishing veterans Rick and Susan will shepherd you through:

  • determining your purpose
  • choosing a book organization and structure
  • writing your manuscript or hiring a ghostwriter
  • editing, copyediting, and polishing your final manuscript
  • working with a book designer to create an award-winning cover
  • designing an attractive page layout for optimal readability
  • printing and publishing your book on KDP
  • book distribution options
  • and marketing and promoting your book

Whether you want to publish your book to change the world, help solve a problem, get clients for your business, become a speaker, or share your life story, this book will motivate you to take action.

In addition, after reading this book, you are invited to contact us for a free 30-minute call to discuss your book idea and how to get it to the launching pad for blastoff!