Publisher: Inspiration Point Press

Nobody likes their job as much as Chance Barnette. He craves action and revels in the dangers of being a secret Special Ops agent for the highly covert US Homeland security Agency. He begins by accomplishing a high profile hostage rescue in Afghanistan, and then stumbles upon a terrorist attack on a packed subway in New York.

His secret ops director, Dr. Moore then tasks Chance and his behind the scenes “controller” Jasmine Simon to work together to find a Nuclear Decontamination specialist who has been kidnapped by a domestic terrorist organization in Philadelphia. Their cover — newly wed husband and wife which initially doesn’t go over well with Jasmine. Chance’s cover is that of a Philadelphia police detective, working with his department assigned partner, Officer Greg Hunter, a rookie who has to learn the scope of Chance’s covert mission on the fly. Time is running out for the professor, as well as for one of our national treasures, Independence Hall which is on the verge of being exposed to a cloud of nuclear radiation. It will take a great deal of intelligence, technology, and fire power to defeat these terrorists–and Chance is the one guy who can do it.

Thrilling, captivating, a page turner all the way through.