Publisher: Precocity Press

“Susan is amazing to work with. She completed her design and publishing tasks within schedule and patiently guided me through the publishing process with encouragement and inspiration. ‘Song of a Lotus Leaf’ is my first book of poetry. I was nervous at first but then absolutely thrilled when Susan showed me the final draft via Zoom. My Word document had become the beautiful book I had dreamed about for a long time!  I highly recommend Susan and Precocity Press. You will not be disappointed!”

Song Of A Lotus Leaf is one woman’s story of spiritual awakening as expressed through free verse, traversing the landscapes of relationships, nature, and past and present, as well as the juxtaposition of East and West. As Renhui recognizes the connection between Nature and Being, each stanza demonstrates how this connection can be the source of healing. Each poem unfolds, revealing the two main forces that drive her transformation—suffering, and the discovery of self-worth—as she learns to value herself and restore her spirit.

Song Of A Lotus Leaf is about the cultivation of enlightenment through purifying ourselves of our pain, illusions, and mistakes, and evolving into who we really are.

Song Of A Lotus Leaf