Publisher: New Insights Press

“Susan Shankin did a wonderful job in designing the cover and internal content my book, ‘Good to Go: Five Understandings to Navigate a Peaceful and Elegant Last Chapter of Life.’ She is thorough in her work, pleasant and easy to talk with. She was easily available and response to request. I whole heartedly recommend Susan.”

“If you want to go in peace, ‘Good to Go’ defines the inner game to play before you die.”—TIM GALLWEY, Author of NYT bestselling series, The Inner Game.

“This book is a must for anyone who may be grappling with dying well … a masterpiece.”—PHILLIP GOLD, M.D., Library of Congress Council of Scholars, Author of “Breaking Through Depression”

“A gentle, well-considered guidebook for making peace with life’s end.”—KIRKUS REVIEW

“Good to Go” is a passionate and personal appeal for how we can approach our last breath with wisdom and without fear, pain, or regret. If you are fortunate enough to have some time towards the end of life to approach death consciously, this book will have value for you and your loved ones. It is possible that our last chapter can be filled with as much beauty as our first.

Over five decades, Dr. John Horton developed five understandings about how we can move towards death and make our departure safe, comfortable and peaceful. It can even be elegant. In “Good to Go,” he shares these understandings through more than 25 short stories of people whom he had the good fortune to meet and treat as they approached death. These stories will fill your soul with a new sense about your time on earth and help you connect with your life’s deep meaning.

Good to Go