Miracle Mello: Never Lose Hope, Miracles Happen Every Day!

By Sahel Amani-Ghoreyshi (Author) & Iole Rosa (Illustrator)

Publisher: Precious Gifts Press

Los Angeles Book Festival Award: Honorable Mention – Children’s books

Keep Your Child’s Innate Sense of Magic and Wonder Alive

Inspired by a real-life story, Miracle Mello takes your child on an enchanting adventure that teaches everyday life lessons as well as introduces children to spiritual concepts of miracles, faith, hope, and family. These lessons will stay with your child throughout their life. The story begins on a lovely spring day when a yellow-eyed kitty and her mama were strolling to the park. Mama reminded her kitten to always look both ways before crossing streets and to never stray far from her. Little did they know that things would soon take an unexpected turn that would lead to new adventures and new lessons to be learned.

This beautifully illustrated and charming story will touch the hearts of readers of all ages and is sure to be an essential addition to your family bookshelf or school library for years to come.