Sockboy in Space

By Karl Cottle (Author, Illustrator)

Publisher: Precocity Press

“Regarding ‘The Adventure of Sockboy,’ I had no idea of the method involved or what to expect. I had worked so hard writing and painting and I was walking into this final phase with great uncertainty. I found the process to not only be very thorough but at times even fun. Through the zoom meetings I could see the refinement of my books flower into well-polished works. They both told me right from the beginning that I as the author had final say and put all my worries at ease. We didn’t change much, and the changes were subtle but effective enough bring the full meaning of my work to light. They also told me the reasoning behind their advice instead of just saying do it like this. I was informed at every step of what was happening and never had to wonder what was going on. I found the experience so agreeable that I went through them for my second book and will also for my third. I’m very grateful.”

Sockboy’s World Is Getting Bigger

This is the third book in the Sockboy series.
Sockboy’s previous experiences have expanded his horizons—now he’s headed for outer space!

In the spirit of the science-fiction cliffhangers in old motion picture serials, in this exciting story, our intrepid hero seeks to escape his problems by traveling beyond Earth.

Featuring dazzling space-scapes and vivid coloring, an out-of-this-world experience awaits fans of this enlightening and amusing story. Ultrakarl once again weaves the unexpected and meaningful into a relatable tale that will delight both new readers of the series and the loyal fans who have kept this title going.

Sockboy in Space’s unique voice aims to help families with the following:
• For kids to feel a profound sense of belonging
• For parents to have a tool to discuss identity, anxiety and perspective
• For kids to build upon their understanding of the world around them and their place in the universe
• For families to engage in scientific exploration together

Sockboy tires of the rules and the worries in his mind, so he makes an astronaut costume and runs away to the stars. Using the awesome power of his imagination, his ship takes him throughout the Solar System where he hopes to find a new place to live. Along the way, he learns about the planets, some of the moons, and his unique importance in the universe. Made for astronomy enthusiasts and anyone that has gazed at the stars, this book answers some questions kids wonder about in the night sky.

As with other books in The Sockboy Series, designed for both adults and children, Sockboy in Space aims to encourage the powerful imagination we each possess. It honors the inspirational tales of Ultrakarl’s childhood, with hidden references to classic science-fiction and space exploration stories. It addresses issues children face in the same heartwarming way as previous stories in the ever-expanding Sockboy universe.

Sockboy In Space