Whiskers & Wisdom

by Jaime Nieves (Author), Tim Kummerow (Illustrator)

Publisher: ‎Precocity Press

Imagine How Much Wisdom Can be Obtained in a Lifetime. Now…Multiply that Amount by NINE!

Over the course of their nine lives, predictably inquisitive brother and sister cats Stevey and Tilly have acquired invaluable and insightful “whisker wisdom” learned from their not-so-predictable daily experiences. They’re eager to share what they’ve learned with you in this book. Why? Keep reading!

As blind cats, both Stevey and Tilly have had to approach stereotypical “cat capers” in unique ways. And in the process, they’ve gained a new appreciation for, and understanding of such virtues as acceptance, trust, showing happiness, fighting and forgiveness, loyalty, comfort and security, being bold and courageous, caring for others, and patience.

Through their whimsical journeys of self-discovery, Stevey and Tilly hope that seeing through “the eyes of their hearts,” you will rediscover the importance of these virtues for yourself. And by fully living into them, you and your loved ones will be able to live the most abundant lives possible. The cats also say that if you take their lessons to heart, your one life can have the joy and happiness of nine lives!

Whiskers & Wisdom