Publisher: Precocity Press

Finish what you start!” “Do it right, or don’t do it al all! These axioms served as the foundation for Tom Capehart. He surrounds himself with positive people, he works hard to achieve his goals and he finishes what he starts…even if it takes awhile. After a knee injury made him quit football and basketball, Capehart took up swimming and water polo even though an allergy to pool chlorine made him sick. “Things happen, you stick it out,” he said.

“The Untold Story of Capehart” chronicles the life of Tom through his time at the University of Southern California, his thriving business career, his involvement with racehorses and his love of life and the people he meets.

I gave him an A, but I wish it could have been an A-plus. He is truly an example of how it’s never too late,” says Angela Hasan, USC associate professor, of Tom’s 2-unit autobiographical project.

Tom Capehart, born in 1934 in Kingsburg, California, played athletics all through high school and went on to attend the University of Southern California on an athletic scholarship. At a strapping 6’3” tall and weighing 218 pounds, this star athlete could have signed out of high school with the Boston Red Sox. However, his high school coach, Laurence Langley, gave him the best advice of his life: “Get an education!” He took that advice and 64 years later, earned his degree.

Untold Stories of Capehart