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“Knowing oneself, more fully, is the work of optimal self-leadership—with, through, and for others.” –Bill Dickinson

Too frequently we want to change ourselves. The real opportunity, however, is in better knowing ourselves. This is no easy task. We may feel it is selfish to spend time with ourselves, or we may be fearful of what we unearth. Yet self-awareness is a critical skill for any leader seeking to maximize their effectiveness and impact both personally and professionally.

“Optimizing Self” is written with the understanding that you already possess an innate dignity, credibility, and bounty that cannot be diminished. In this book, you’ll be guided through a spectrum of leadership content and workbook activities that enable you to reflect on and leverage your personal and professional capabilities more intentionally. The activities in this workbook invite you to reflect on and more fully understand who you are and what you have to offer the world. By doing so, you will:

  • Become more fully self-aware
  • Identify your personal brand
  • Know your unique value proposition as a professional
  • Better understand and commit to the skill of emotional intelligence
  • Nurture your overall career arc

As a former Catholic priest of 25 years, gay man, and leadership business owner, the hard-fought leadership lessons in this book are informed by my own journey toward greater self-awareness. My own vulnerability and transparency will encourage you to more fully engage in your own self-reflection as you work through each activity. You will also be provided with strong examples of both personal brand and value proposition statements from industry leaders known and unknown to you as models for your own. By the end of this workbook, you will feel more confident, competent, and credible as a self-leader.

Dr. Bill Dickinson is the founder of C3 Leadership, a business consultancy dedicated to leadership best practices for professional and interpersonal growth. Widely recognized for his coaching capabilities in providing professional clarity and career advancement, Bill’s clients include Walmart Health & Wellness, TireHub, Adventist Healthcare, Out Georgia Business Alliance, Ten Squared, Brookhaven Police Department, Atlanta Tech Village, and AbbVie Biopharmaceutical. Bill lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his partner Cesar.
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Optimizing Self