Sockboy The Halloween Special

By Karl Cottle (Author, Illustrator)

Publisher: Precocity Press

“Regarding ‘The Adventure of Sockboy’ series.  I had no idea of the method involved or what to expect. I had worked so hard writing and painting and I was walking into this final phase with great uncertainty. I found the process to not only be very thorough but at times even fun. Through the zoom meetings, I could see the refinement of my books flower into well-polished works. Both Susan Shankin and editor Lorraine Wadman told me right from the beginning that I as the author had final say and put all my worries at ease. We didn’t change much, and the changes were subtle but effective enough to bring the full meaning of my work to light. They also told me the reasoning behind their advice instead of just saying do it like this. I was informed at every step of what was happening and never had to wonder what was going on. I found the experience so agreeable that I went through them for my second book and will also for my third. I’m very grateful.”

A Festive Halloween Adventure of Self-Discovery

Book Two in the Sockboy series finds our hero discovering his purpose in life and then seeing the powerful effect of compassion. For the lovers of Halloween and all things spooky, this book shows you can have fun with your dark side as Sockboy dons a brand-new suit.

The bright, colorful, season-inspired artwork is full of life and love for the time of year and is stuffed with easter eggs (references) to iconic moments. It also celebrates the seasonal specials and Halloween-themed shows that aired on network television.

This story helps children with learning how to avoid conflicts, deals with our response to bullies and identifying the cyclical nature of abuse. It’s also about an awakening and the creation of an identity. This series continues to address important moments in life in fun and approachable ways. There is a fun aspect to this book; it’s written in verse with great read-aloud potential. Each book in this series has its own theme, but ultimately these books are about healing, hope, and happiness.

Sockboy: Halloween Special