Publisher: GeniusWork Publishing

On my book project, Susan was an inspiration, wise counsel, and talented designer. I feel blessed by all of it. Thank you for your support of “Save Our Democracy.”


OUR DEMOCRACY IS IN DANGER. What happens in the 2020 election is critical. Since every vote matters, we need to get unwoke voters to vote, and to vote with us.

YOU CAN BE AN ALARM CLOCK. We all need to be alarm clocks! First and foremost to our unwoke friends and family. Think about it—you are the best person to talk to them. One by one, as you go about your daily life, you can wake them up.

SUPERPOWER YOUR IMPACT. When you talk to your unwoke friends and family, you will want to avoid the usual rolled eyes or political arguments by using well-framed conversations. This book introduces you to political framing, and shares the three-step Save Our Democracy framing process, including exercises that will help you create well-framed conversations…and the tidal wave of voters we need in 2020.

Save Our Democracy