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“My book won two prestigious awards and became an Amazon bestseller in six countries. We have all heard the statement, ‘You can’t judge a book by its cover.’ There is some truth to that statement. However, the cover is extremely important. It is what makes a first impression on the buyer. The cover is critical to the buyer looking inside. Once the buyer gets inside, the layout of the book must be ‘reader-friendly.’ It must be easy to read and understand. Susan Shankin is superb at what she does.  She talked with me to understand the vision I was trying to communicate. She then did the design work to attract the buyer to the book.  Susan’s work was a major contributor to the success of my award-winning, best-selling book.”

“I had no idea of the complexity of effort necessary to take the content of the book I had written and turn it into a finished published product.  I am so grateful that I contacted Susan Shankin to provide the design services and production of my book.  Susan had the combination of expertise, skill, and personality to help me avoid a variety of problems.  Her cover design of the book is powerful and effective.  More importantly, Susan paid attention to my vision for how I wanted the pages laid out.  She balanced the reality of publishing constraints and my sometimes, outrageous ideas! The end result is a book that is striking both inside and out. Susan’s hard work and final touches have produced a book for which I am very proud.”

Award Winning International Best Seller

Achieve Beyond Expectations will inspire and inform you. This easy to read book shows you “how to” overcome barriers to make what appears to be impossible, POSSIBLE!

You will discover how the achievers highlighted in this book conquered crushing obstacles and ignited their power within. You will find specific strategies to overcome your self-imposed barriers created by lack of confidence, negative emotions, low expectations, harmful habits. As a result, you will achieve beyond expectations.

Bill Blokker, Ed.D. has decades of experience as a highly successful leadership and human performance consultant. Blokker provides practical, research-based and proven effective strategies to to ignite you power within. Blokker challenges you with assessment and awareness activities so you better understand how you are paralyzing your performance. This inspirational book will provide the blueprint to transform your life.

In “Achieve Beyond Expectations,” Dr. Bill Blokker beautifully weaves together psychological principles, research findings, and personal experience to assist the reader in taking control of becoming the best possible version of themselves. —Renee Z. Dominguez, Ph.D. Executive Director Family Service Center Wilmette, Illinois

This is not a feel-good book that will coddle you into encouragement. It will show you where you need to grow and how. As someone who works with start-ups and consults with executives, I can see using it as a developmental text to grow their potential. —Milo de Prieto Branding and Communication Consultant Barcelona, Spain

In his book, Achieve Beyond Expectations, Bill Blokker helps you to understand that regardless of your background and the hardships you have faced, you can still go on to achieve greatness. With every chapter you read you will find out more and more about your strengths and the areas you need to work on! —Olivia Stasi Personal Trainer United Kingdom

Bill Blokker has created the perfect blend of science, insight and inspiration that can be applied to any aspect of your life in his book “Achieve Beyond Expectations.” —Michelle Tatom Director Global Account Management SkyKick

In this exceptional read, Bill Blokker educates and motivates the reader to overcome incredible odds to achieve their dreams. —CRAIG WHELDEN Major General, U.S. Army (retired)

Achieve Beyond Expectations is an in-depth how-to that digs into a number of common obstacles that keep us from attaining all our life goals. Author Bill Blokker, Ed.D. unpacks easy-to-miss behaviors and mindsets that stifle our potential in every facet of life. —Cassandra Woody Professor University of Oklahoma

Achieve Beyond Expections