Publisher: New Insights Press

“Publishing a book means expressing your thoughts related to ideas you care about for the benefit of others. Visual qualities, readability and understandability are what a book reader enjoys. I am about to publish my fourth book with Susan. Her creative talents regarding design and illustration have helped me publish three beautiful books. If you are an author, she is an exceptional professional who can help you get your message out effectively.”

Best Book Awards: Finalist – Health – Alternative Medicine
Nautilus Award: Gold – Health, Healing & Wellness
Independent Publishers Award (IPPY): Gold – Health/Medicine


Disinformation, Misinformation, Missing Information = DMMI

DMMI increasingly pervades the media. Newspapers, radio, television, magazines, and the social media are full of DMMI about politics, the economy, cultural life, and medical information.

And when it comes to your health, DMMI can be especially dangerous.

In this book, Dr. John Poothullil explains in detail how disinformation, misinformation, or missing information could lead you to lifestyle conditions, and suggests ways to better understand the scientific facts about pandemic viruses, Type 2 diabetes, obesity and weight gain, cancer, and heart disease. You will learn how to avoid getting the coronavirus, the truth about the cause of Type 2 diabetes and how to avoid it, the facts about why you might be gaining weight to the point of obesity, how to fight cancer, and the valuable information about cholesterol and salt and their impact on heart disease.

Don’t fall victim to DMMI in your attempt to protect your health. Read this book and get sound, insightful advice and accurate, medical science-based information so you can make wise decisions about your lifestyle and healthcare.

Your Health Is at Risk