Publisher: ‎New Insights Press

Are you a team leader, business owner, or entrepreneur with five or more people reporting to you? If so, this book will change your career. It shows you how to develop and lead a “Surging Team”—a team that demonstrates highly functioning interactive capabilities, achieves seemingly unstoppable momentum, and goes on to accomplish its goals and always win. Surging Teams are full of co-creative drive, pursuing a BOLD purpose, and using collaboration to summon the innovations needed to overcome obstacles.

In this book, Scott Brennan shows you how to develop a Surging Team based on a powerful methodology he developed over 25 years as a manager at GE and then as a highly successful business owner. You will learn the 10 BOLDskills for Accelerated Team Success—a program designed to transform you and your team into an unstoppable force, one that defeats all internal and external obstacles to achieve its objectives. Knowing how to lead an unstoppable Surging Team will give you a significant marketplace edge and help you become a distinctive leader who people will crave to work for.