Love’s Design: Reaching Heaven on Earth

by Scott Hiegel (Author), Christopher Wrigley (Author)

Publisher: Precocity Press

Why do we believe reading “Love’s Design: Reaching Heaven on Earth” will bring you love, hope, and inspiration during these challenging times? How did it come about that a former investment professional (me), climbing the ladder to material success, power and prestige, would one-day write a love poetry book with Christopher, a brilliant disabled man from Canada? How is Christopher able to write such inspired poetry, with a life-time disability that has left him limited in speech, vision, and body coordination? What new answers may this book provide to the following age-old questions that often inspire, baffle, and even frighten us?

  • Why are we here on this earth?
  • Is there a Loving Intelligence behind life?
  • Do we have a permanent existence?
  • Is humanity evolving toward a glorious new state of awareness?
  • What is the evolutionary agent responsible for humanity’s ascent?

This concise book provides uplifting new insights to these and other questions. It hopefully will challenge you to think in new ways and to explore such questions on a deeper level. Christopher and I share our unique expressions of love, hope, and knowledge through an exchange of 12 poetic verses. In these verses, we describe how human life and the universe are built on the foundation of an eternal Love. Through our own experiences, we have come to understand that our awareness is eternal, and that we and all of life are connected.

We both believe that cultivating and expressing love, and serving others, is critical to achieving this new state of awareness, and that new worlds of beauty, light, and intelligence will open to humanity’s sight, once we learn to make love our primary goal in life.

Christopher wrote, “I am honored to have you as a reader of my work and my attempt at the expression of greater understandings received by myself and others living in bodies which have limited functioning in this earthly existence. Love has kept me cradled in its arm these long years. It has nurtured me and been my teacher. It has nourished me and made me strong. It has sung to me and eased my pain. It has brought people like my friend Sue, my mother, and many others of great promise into my life and now it has brought you….The way to real happiness is to be the friend of someone who is locked away. You will be releasing them from darkness, bringing their spirit into the Light. Once freed, the spirit will expand touching all people in need and even those in plenty.”

Just as we stepped onto a new world when we walked on the moon, we are once again on the brink of taking a greater step into a whole new world, a fascinating inner universe of our minds. This is a universe, which in extent and magnitude, as well as mystery and intrigue, dwarfs the physical universe. The vast majority of the world’s oceans remain unexplored, so too does this inner universe, in which we will find treasures beyond our imagination. Love is the gateway to this new world.

Christopher and I, two friends with widely different backgrounds, physical capabilities, and life experiences, demonstrate in this book, how we all share this same sublime treasure in our minds. We have dipped our toes into this inner universe of love, knowledge, peace, and joy, and through poetic expression, share some of the gems we have found therein. As you read, be prepared to be inspired and filled with hope and love, as you are transported to humanity’s glorious future destination.

I and many others believe Christopher represents a powerful spokesperson for people with disabilities, and that this book can be an inspiration to all. We sincerely hope that you enjoy it, and that it helps you to share your love with others, and to live a more joyous, peaceful, and love-filled life.

Love’s Design: Reaching Heaven on Earth