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“I knew I wanted to write a book to promote my company, Lead with Purpose. I wrote a first draft and it became clear I needed professional assistance from an experienced editor and book designer. What a relief when I found Susan, whose knowledge of all aspects of book publishing was impressive. She was an incredible partner throughout the entire experience—attentive to my needs, available when I needed to talk, and committed to producing a quality book.”

USA Best Book Award: Finalist Business – Management & Leadership
Beverly Hills Award: Winner Business Entrepreneurship & Small Business
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Leadership Lessons from the US Submarine Force You Can Apply to Your Business

In 2005, Marc Koehler was brought in to turn around a struggling $7M US-based manufacturing company. He quickly identifies that the business analysis tools he is using for this small firm are drowning it. He decides to go back to his time as a US Nuclear Submarine Officer and recognizes many similarities. Both his sub & the business have a mission, a small team, limited resources, and a dynamically changing environment.

With similar conditions, why was the submarine successful, able to accomplish so much under extreme conditions? What tools did it use? What were its best practices? Marc decides that he can apply the same leadership approach and tools to the struggling company. The results are tremendous. He sees the same team of people who were struggling before, lead the company back to stability and profitability.

Over the next 10 years, Marc has similar success in many other small businesses he is brought in to turnaround. He refines the tools into a system and discovers type or size of business don’t matter, the tools are universal whether you are a $10M Manufacturer, a $4M Law Firm, a $110M Service Company, or a $5M Non-Profit.

Leading with Purpose provides a simple, but powerful blueprint to get everyone on the same page, passionate about what they are doing, and focused on what matters most. It steps you through the creation of a simple, but powerful single-page plan and then shows you how to use it to develop an engaged and empowered team that collectively drives success, solves problems, and manages change.

If you are interested in creating a culture where your employees are galvanized around a common vision and a shared purpose, understand their specific role, help manage the day-to-day chaos, and stay focused on the goals that matter most, this is the book for you.

Leading with Purpose has a foreword by L. David Marquet, author of the business bestseller Turn the Ship Around!

The book’s single page plan coordinates with the Lead with Purpose online platform ( where leaders can manage their plan in the cloud for FREE.