Publisher: Precocity Press

“Being a new author, navigating the difficult avenues of publishing my book was daunting. But Susan Shankin of Precocity Press made it easy and rewarding. She worked with me on every step of the process, and what a genius she is! She designed the book cover, laid out the pages, supervised edits and reedits and worked with me intensely on structural changes that made the book a better reflection of what I had to say. People tell me that they love the look of the book, and that is because of Susan. My book is up and running and successful because I trusted Susan Shankin and Precocity Press.”

Best Book Awards: Finalist: Health: Psychology & Mental Health
Living Now Book Award: Silver: metaphysical/exploring consciousness
Nautilus Award: Silver: Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit Practices
Next Generation Indie Book Awards: Finalist – New Age
Indie Excellence Book Awards: Finalist: Activity Books: Adult

Draw Your Dream to Understand What it Means!

Silver winner in the Living Now Book Awards in the Health & Wellness category
#1 Best seller on Amazon in Jungian Psychology

No artistic talent is needed when you draw a simple sketch of your dream. Stick figures and splotches of color will do. Once you have drawn it, you will get the picture of what your dreams are trying to tell you, and they always have something to say!

In this delightful book filled with stories from the author’s life and his encounters with thousands of dreams he has worked, Walter Berry, a master dreamworker, introduces you to the process of drawing your dreams and connecting with your unconscious. When you do this, your authentic self will be present to guide you to an awe-inspired life.

You will see how to:

  • Identify emotions inside your dream;
  • Allow things to appear in your drawing that will surprise you;
  • Analyze objects and people and how they relate to the dream;
  • Understand color choices and their meanings;
  • Relate current events in your life to your dream;
  • Make up a new ending to your dream;
  • Project multiple meanings on a dream;
  • Honor your dream in waking life by taking action.

By using this powerful method you can change your life much like these people. You will read about a man who takes 12 steps in a dream after being covered in monkey dung and then realizes it is about getting the monkey off his back (alcoholism) and entering a 12 step recovery program; a pair of shoe laces in a dream pointing to brain cancer and saving the dreamer’s life; a grief-eating panther that brings peace to the daughter of a suicide victim; and a tsunami nightmare that results in a new business adventure.

Drawn Into The Dream