Desert Dreaming

By Mara Shankin & Susan Shankin

Publisher: Precocity Press

Two sisters, Mara and Susan began their trip to Palm Springs, California at Target where they bought a children’s art kit. With 1 paint brush, 7 color acrylic paints, 1 pair of very small scissors and 20 fingers they painted, ripped, and assembled the pieces to create the artwork in this book.

With no agenda or plan except to have fun, they opened the box in their hotel room. They didn’t know then that the art kit would lead them where it wanted to go—they only had to listen and act. What emerged are these paintings and along with photos taken on their trip which would become a journal of their 1st annual “We don’t like the time change” Palm Springs trip.

They laughed, spurred each other on, made a HUGE mess and created magic. It has been an inspiring project and they are honored to share their creative journey with you.

Desert Dreaming