Publisher: Precocity Press

“Rick Benzel’s editorial skills were outstanding in guiding this book to its fruition. Susan Shankin created a marvelous cover and interior design that transformed the manuscript into a beautiful and readable book. I appreciate the great job this team of professionals has done. My book has won several awards, including Best Business Book 2024 in the Next Generation Indie Awards.”

Indie Excellence Finalist: Business – Entrepreneurship & Small Business
Next Generation Indie Book Awards: Winner – Business

Inspiration and Wisdom for Entrepreneurs, Visionaries, Innovators & Startup Teams

Whether you are already an entrepreneur or seeking to launch a startup, read this book for insight and encouragement you will not find elsewhere.

John Shen is unique among American entrepreneurs. He founded five startups and currently leads four of them simultaneously, with yet another new one on the way. He is a “parallel entrepreneur,” going far beyond the usual model of being a solo or serial entrepreneur. He is a first-generation entrepreneur who came to the US at the age of 23 and achieved the American Dream. Moreover, he has experienced total business collapse and knows what it is like to come back from failure, to “cross the swamp.”

John recounts his dramatic life story and his entrepreneurial journey. The book details the eight personal and business qualities that entrepreneurs must develop in order to achieve their highest goals. John’s focus is especially on explaining the significant advantages of being a parallel entrepreneur—benefits that solo and serial entrepreneurs lose out on, limiting your potential.

John has a strong passion to support grassroots entrepreneurs and small businesses, especially minority and women-owned micro-businesses. His American Lending Center had made over 25,000 loans to minority- and women-owned small businesses in all 50 states by the end of 2022. He is a co-founder of the Long Beach Accelerator™ and his company, Sunstone Management, funds many pitch competitions and demo days to reward innovative startups.

This is the book to read if you are seeking to succeed in your entrepreneurial journey.

“From its gripping start to its motivating finish, ‘Crossing the Swamp’ is a must read for entrepreneurs at any stage. John Shen shares his 20 years of business experience to help us overcome the challenges business (and life) will surely throw our way! Whether you are a veteran or a novice, you will find the tools you need and the inspiration to use them.”

– Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey, Founders of Barefoot Wines, and New York Times Bestselling Authors of “The Barefoot Spirit”

Crossing The Swamp