Independent Publishing

Independent Publishing: Let me clarify, we are not a traditional publishing company that pays authors an advance or royalties. 

Precocity Press is an independent publishing company where the author pays upfront for all editing, design and marketing services. The author then keeps 100% of the revenues earned. 

Independent publishing is an investment that works well for clients who want more control of the outcome of their work yet want high-quality New York style publishing services. Our principal, Susan Shankin, came from a traditional publishing background and has extensive editing and design experience. She worked at Jeremy P. Tarcher, a major LA publishing house in the 1990s and many of the authors she has helped publish have had their books win design and editorial awards in book competitions. 

A major advantage of independent publishing is that it takes a fraction of the time when compared to traditional publishing. We can help you get your book out in 3 to 6 months rather than the 12 to 18 months it takes with a traditional publisher. 

Please let us know if you are interested in having a conversation with us to discuss your needs and our services.